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Transfers that make the world closer to you

Business and private journeys are always followed by a myriad of additional cares. It is mostly difficult to resolve these issues on visiting new, foreign countries and places. If you are concerned about:

  • I had never been to Czech Republic. How not to get lost in unknown place?
  • I expect some guests to come. But there is not enough space for meeting in the car?
  • How can I combine an urgent business and meeting of dear person?
  • How to create a favorable impression on meeting with important persons?
  • How to organize leisure of relatives I expect to come?

No worries! TransferExspert takes care of your business and helps you in any situation!

Services we offer:

Transfers in Czech Republic and in other countries of Europe.

  1. Receptions at the airport and escorts to the airport, to the address of destination and back. We offer high quality services. Our representative is waiting for you in the appointed place with a bright-colored nameplate in his hands. If needed, he is always ready to assist you with your luggage. Receive it and bring it to the car. If you travel with children, the car will be equipped with baby seats and boosters.
  2. International transfer in the countries of Europe. Our drivers know better routes and the best places worth to visit for everyone;
  3. G-Transfer for groups and delegations. We’ve got cars and seats for everyone!

On transferring 1-3 persons using a passenger car from Airport Karlovy Vary to the hotel the cost of the service is 20 € only. The same route for a group up to 7 persons using a van is 25 €. You can simply have a look at the route on map and calculate its’ cost using a calculator directly in our website.

Individual journeys

It doesn’t matter where you are – in Prague, in Marianske Lazne or in Karlovy Vary. Our drivers with a guide or without can deliver you in any European city and resort with comfort using optimal routes. Forget about unnecessary time delays and troubles and just enjoy the journey. All the technical issues are our job and we know the solutions.

Cost of Individual transfers from Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne begins at 60 €, from Prague – 80 €. The calculator can help you to get full cost of your journey and the maps – a satellite map and a regular one – assist you to acknowledge your route beforehand.


An extensive selection of excursion programs in Czech Republic and in other European cities. Visiting foreign countries everyone wants to find out more about them. With our excursion programs you get a possibility to embrace the unembraceable. The routes are made in the way the way you can say afterwards: “I was in there and saw everything”.

We offer one-day and multi-day tours. Range of prices can help you to select an appropriate one for your wallet.

Car rent

For the ones who prefer individual journeys we offer cars for rent. In the cost of the rented car is included navigator and insurance for the time period which is comfortable for a customer. You are offered MersedesViano, ScodaFabia, ScodaOctavia, ScodaRapid – clean and well maintained cars for your choice. Deposit is 400 € and rental price begins at 429 €.

Why do you choose our company?

  • We have accumulated a substantial experience for 15 years of work in this sphere. We can provide comfortable journeys; fast and secure we can transfer you to the place of destination;
  • a technical condition of our cars is checked on a daily basis;
  • Even if your plane is being late for 2 hours, our driver will wait for your arrival and will deliver you to the stated address on a comfortable and clean car;
  • Our drivers speak both English and Czech languages. They will understand you and guide in unknown surroundings.

How to book a service

There is an easy online booking system on our website. Enter your details, number of customers, names of departure and arrival places, additional options you need and click “Book a service”. Online calculator shows you the cost of your order, accurate time of the journey and with the help of map you can watch the route.

If any questions arise you can apply to our office in Karlovy Vary ☎+420 353-227-557, or ☎ +7 499 703 16 41 (Moscow). Give us a call, text us to, ask for a feedback – we give you a call as fast as possible. We welcome you among our wonderful customers!


Do you need more information?

Our operators are ready to answer all your questions 24-hours a day.

Our address:

Praha, Na popelce 8.
Karlovy Vary: Svahova 6.



Moscow: Lesnaya, 6. ☎+7499703141

Оpening hours:  9 AM — 17 PM


☎ +420 776 111 557
☎ +420 353 227 557


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